Saturday, January 10, 2009

my favorite game!

okay, here we go....   first blog post ever!!!  and before i venture off into my secret plan...  (oh that will come later, much later!)  I would like to invite everyone to play my favorite game!  (credits to the lovely sarah shotland!)

goes a little somethin' like this;

if you could be any vegetable, what would you be... and why!?

easy, right?  now post comments here or on this etsy thread:
(okay, i guess you have to copy and paste, can't figure out the easy way yet!)

each month i'll be shuffling back through all the wonderful answers and the one i deem most creative wins a special prize!!!  now, i'm in the works of coming up with this special prize, but i'll just let everyone know, it might be...   treasure!  maybe grumble treasure at that -- vee shall see my special lettle ones!!!

now cheerio friends!

and don't forget to eat your beans....


  1. I'd be garlic. Is there anything garlic CAN'T do? Didn't think so. =)

  2. I would be asparagus, tall and thin and lovely green. :)

  3. Cool! I have an adult blog too!
    I would be a potato!!!!

  4. I´d be a cucumber because I love to eat it...!

  5. I would be a cucumber, as in cool as a....

  6. ...oh definitely an onion...adding flavor to anything it's added to...and leaving a little aftertaste...

  7. I would be an avacado..smooth, green and delicous..